Trump laments probes against him is affecting his family

The US President Donald Trump has demanded that all, sexual probes against him be dropped stating the issue is intensely affecting his family including his wife and children.

Through his legal team, Trump has threatened to sue Stormy Daniels for her recent explosive claims in her book titled Full Disclosure on her sexual encounter with him, where she shamelessly included details of his genitalia.

In her book, Daniels describes meeting Trump at the celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe where she thought Trump was going to take her to dinner little did she know Trump had other sexual plans.

“Trump came swooping in, wearing black silk pajamas and slippers,” she wrote. ” ‘What are you doing?’ ” I yelled. “Go put some f****g clothes on.” she wrote

She says she and Trump talked about family. He even showed her a picture of his wife, Melania, and their newborn baby, Barron, who was only 4 months old at the time.

Daniels continued by describing Trumps anatomy noting that,”His penis is distinctive in a certain way, and I sometimes think that’s one of the reasons he initially didn’t tweet at me like he does so many women,” Daniels wrote.
“He knew I could pick his d*** out of a lineup. He knows he has an unusual penis. It has a huge mushroom head. Like a toadstool.”

To add further insult to injury, she also said their encounter was the “least impressive sex” she had ever had.

St Martin’s Press confirmed in a statement that they would be publishing Full Disclosure on 2 October for the Americans to know exactly what transpired and the kind of president they have.