Trump: “Getting Hillary locked up is the best gift for Americans”

Following recent attacks unleashed by Hillary Clinton on President Trump accusing him of undermining the US democracy from his cruelty, negligence, corruption, dishonesty and racism, Trump has reacted saying that, “…putting Hillary behind bars” is the best gift he can give to Americans.

An essay, published on Monday, Hillary accused the sitting president of undermining basic democratic values and positioning himself as a tyrant.

“Trump and his cronies do so many despicable things that it can be hard to keep track,” she writes, concluding that “right now, our democracy is in crisis … There are no tanks in the streets. The administration’s malevolence may be constrained on some fronts – for now – by its incompetence. But our democratic institutions and traditions are under siege.”

However, Donald Trump has rubbished Hillary’s accusation saying she should engage in more constructive endeavors which will probably contribute in ‘Making America great again’ before her time expires.

Late August, Donald Trump issued a chilling warning to the FBI, accusing the agency of ignoring “tens of thousands” of Hillary Clinton’s emails and warning that he “may have to get involved.” to ensure Hillary gets locked up for her criminal activities.