Sarah huckabee makes Trump appear more incompetent, CNN Jeff Zucker says

CNN President Jeff Zucker accused the White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee of her growing negative attitude towards the media and for making president Trump appear more incompetent.

This comes following Tuesdays’s incidence where Sarah gave the shortest press briefings of her tenure as White House press secretary where she severally dodged questions from jounalists.

She spent about 15 minutes at the podium, didn’t really give any answers of substance, and as she prepared to leave, was heckled by reporters in the room.

“Ten-minute briefing, Sarah?” one reporter asked incredulously.

“Do your job, Sarah,” another called after her as she practically ran from the room.

Hours before the press briefing, the White House appeared to be splitting with Donald Trump stance as Sanders expressed that they did not want to shut down the government.

Sanders seemed to play cover-up as she dodged questions about the president’s charity, the Trump Foundation, after news broke early Tuesday that the nonprofit would be dissolved following a lawsuit and investigation by New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood, which alleged that Trump misused the charity for his own personal and political gain.