Monica Lewinsky: ‘Shameless liar’ Bill Clinton truly urged me to lie under oath

Monica Lewinsky has revealed for the first time that Bill Clinton urged her to lie under oath and then called her in to the White House for one last tryst before dumping her and leaving her to do battle with the special prosecutor, the FBI, and the American public without any help — which led her to consider suicide.

Speaking on the final episode of the A&E docuseries The Clinton Affair, Lewinsky shared details about how Bill Clinton shamelessly tried to mislead the courts and the entire nation.

The episode marked the first time that Lewinsky has actually stated that Bill Clinton advised her to lie under oath about their affair if called to testify in the Paula Jones case, pointing out that she could avoid being deposed if she denied the charge in an affidavit.

Then, in a shockingly heartless move, Bill Clinton called for Lewinsky a few days later and the pair enjoyed an intimate, and private, Christmas party in the White House.

Monica Lewinsky didn’t realize at the time, but that was the end of the pair’s relationship, with Clinton quickly bailing on his 24-year-old lover, leaving her to do battle with the special prosecutor, the FBI and the American public on her own while he fell back on a multi-million dollar legal fund raised by liberal supporters.